Why was my order canceled?




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    Jaime Raga

    If one is able to put an item in the cart it should never, ever be cancelled because the item is out of stock. If that was the case, you should never have had the item available at all.
    Your customer service is extremely bad, and your website and customer support system sucks.

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    Shaunice Sumpter

    Customers support is NO GOOD ! I shouldn't have to wait days at a time to get ahold of something someone about my order. My order was canceled due to being out of stock but you guys took my money anyway. Smh website needs to be updated more Offen so this won't be a problem

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    Shimia Jennings

    Y'all really need to change you guys system. It's no way you let a customer order an item take there money and then cancel the order saying the item not in stock. Then have to wait 5-7 day for my money to be back in my account. Y'all didn't wait 5-7 days to take it out.NEVER ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN...

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